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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

fairly local |-/ micromemes

G'afternoon folks B)

Pit's over, Oklahoma was honestly a dream (sequence),I had so much fun and really miss it. But spring break starts Friday, and I can't be more excited for that.





kick-ass song "Fairly Local" from their upcoming album, Blurryface 

At first, I didn't even realize that that was Tyler Broseph singing, his voice dropped like 12 billion octaves and sounds like Latin (i might just be crazy).

It's really stripped down and way less posi-sounding than anything from Vessel and tons of people are upset (ARTISTS ARE CHANGING?? CH-CHAGNE?? THEY CANT DO THAT!!11!!!1!!!!1111!!), but it's really interesting. They sound way more theatrical, too, and the demon voice adds helly character, as if they needed any more.

People have pointed out that there's some parallel with "Screen" from Vessel,"This song will never be on the radio" and "...this song will get no radio play". And if you listen to Screen, you can hear a little background demon voice if you listen closely! [starts at 1:20 for the 2nd verse]

There's theories floating around that this album will be about the "evil/dark" side of them trying to escape, andthe flip-floppy lyrics totally support that. Hopefully there's some dark songs on Blurryface like this one.

The video is confusing as hell, but when aren't they?


Meanwhile, Natalia Kills Killed her and Nissan commercial guy's careers and I'm kinda upset because she has some pretty cool music and I really didn't want her to be an dickwad. I don't even know who Willy Moon is, but he suuuure is a class act, callin' people psycho. It's been a big week for New Zealand. 

But... the good thing is, we got to identify some assholes and got... A MEME.

And these are just some I just found on tumblr. 

Anyways, enjoy some (hopefully) new tunes, and relish in the micromemes. Til then, peace out girl scouts.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

oklahoma is a TRASH state !!!

GO FUCK URSELF OKLAHOMA. school is doing Oklahoma for their spring musical, and I'm in the pit playing 1st clarinet. Translation: IM DROWNING IN CUT TIME. Also: I'm sorry Oklahoma, you're a wonderful state, I'm sure. Don't mind my bitter self.
you'd be bitter if you had this key too
Starting tomorrow, practice goes to 6 everyday, then next week til 7, and opening night is that Friday. 
My book is highlighted to death and I am just so confused to why the farmer and the cowman can be friends in like F concert. Or E flat concert.

how i feel about them. agnes is a loser as well
Starting tomorrow, practice goes til 6. Next week til 7, and opening night is that Friday. BYE BYE FREE TIME :D

In other news, I got my Ouija board in the mail (s/o 2 my homies @ amazon)

After finishing our movie (which is due March 24th) and the play and all, the ghost party will be in full swing ༼∩✿ل͜✿༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚

Thanks for reading, and here's 2 of my favorite cover of an Oklahoma song and a weird selfie in celebration of International Women's Day! *immediately realizes I could've written about that instead of this crappy post* Expect a kick ass post about Malala Yousafzai and all the rad lady role models that make ladydom so wonderful. After March 24th (◍●◡ु‹◍)☆


Friday, February 27, 2015


In honor of Ain’t It Fun winning the Grammy for Best Rock Song earlier this month, I figured now would be the perfect time to write about my UNDYING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for this band. (I originally wanted to post this like the week after, but then I got this history paper and blah blah blah kinda forgot about this)

I first got into Paramore through the one and only, T-Swizzle. 
It was 2010 after Speak Now, what I thought was the greatest gift to mankind, had came out (aaaand after listening to “Airplanes” all summer). I was the typical eleven year old fan with internet access; for every song, I would google who it was about (duh). And, being the rebellious sixth grader that I was, my favorite song off the record was “Better Than Revenge”. My dad would always give me side glances when I would sing the “She’s only know for the things that she does on the mattress” line, but I didn’t care; I googled it as soon as he dropped me off. I found a yahoo news article about it, and in the comments, everyone was talking about how it sounds just like “Misery Business”. Since, Better Than Revenge goes so hard, I figured “wow THAT  song has to be pretty great too”. 

my unusual gateway drug

I don’t actually remember listening to this song first, but I do remember listening and watching the video to “Ignorance” that night, and falling in love. I was a dumb little sixth grader who thought she was better than everybody else, and nothing had ever fit that persona more than singing that song in your head every time one of your friends pissed you off. 

During the whole rest of the school year, I would come home, get on the computer whenever my mom let me, and watch and rewatch every music video. I learned every word (and the coordinated headbangs in “Ignorance”, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about) and all their names and where they were from. Possibly most embarrassing of all, I distinctly remember playing their music videos in the backgrounds while playing Club Penguin *FACEPALMS SELF TO DEATH*. 

t york yelyah and jerm B)
Even with all that stuff, I still loved it. I had my mom buy me Brand New Eyes as soon as I first saw it in the store, and collected the other two along the way; making playlists on my iPod Classic of purely Paramore songs. Plus, I got The Final Riot! and my first band t shirt of any kind for Christmas 2 years ago, and of course, learned every word to all the live versions of the songs. I illegally downloaded every cover and b-side I could scour and scooped up the Singles Club as quick as possible.

Even with all that stuff, I still loved it. I had my mom buy me Brand New Eyes as soon as I first saw it in the store, and collected the other two along the way; making playlists on my iPod Classic of purely Paramore songs. Plus, I got The Final Riot! and my first band t shirt of any kind for Christmas 2 years ago, and of course, learned every word to all the live versions of the songs. I illegally downloaded every cover and b-side I could scour and scooped up the Singles Club as quick as possible.

my paramore collection :)

The year that my dad finally let me do things by myself was made even more sweeter because of them. I didn’t have an iPod that could play without headphones, but I wanted to listen to music while I rode my bike around my neighborhood. So, I took my dad’s old phone that he gave me and recorded “Renegade” onto it and felt like the coolest person flying down the middle of the biggest hill on my sticker-covered bike with my black cargo pants on. 

Obsessed? Yeah, I know. Don’t forget every night (or just any general time in my room) where I got out my hair brush and headbanged and lip synched to all of “The Final Riot!” til I was sweaty.

my hayley posters, ft. some patrick stump
this one's my fav
this is by my fitness calendar also bc im a total flabby tummy CREEP

And I never really thought about why I loved them so much, but I guess it’s because they’ve been the most confident role models in my life? I want to be just like Hayley Williams and Taylor York and Jeremy Davis and Zac and Josh Farro, not in the carbon-copy “ew you poser” way. They are so convincingly comfortable with themselves, and I always wanted to have that same confidence, that same assuredness. (I also might have possibly gotten bangs bc of Hayley...but look how great that worked out for me)(AKA NOT GREAT)

*intense crying*

They’re different than any other pop punk bands, they don't whine about themselves. Ever. Every lyric was always in control: never too positive, never too negative. They always had the perfect balance of being optimistic and yet understanding of how everything is shitty, like “Don’t go cryin’ to your mama / cuz you’re on your own / in the real world” from Ain’t It Fun. And it’s always seemed like they knew their imperfections and what they could improve on and always were, “I wanna know what it’d be like / to find perfection in my pride / to see nothing in the light / and turn it off in all my spite”, from “Turn It Off”. I could go on forever with quotes and songs and albums and sounds and everything, but I’d be writing for years. Seriously, they don’t have any bad songs, and no, I cannot pick a favorite song/album/anything, it’s 2 damn hard *ugly crying* Instead, here’s a 2-fer and a 1-fer that’ll show anybody the IMMENSE CRAZY MIND BENDING SPELL BINDING POWER that Paramore has. 

^^ there's an "official" audio version of the top one on spotify and itunes and what not from their self tited deluxe album if you would rather, but i think you really got watch to get the full effect. also, the version from "the final riot!" (without part 2) is EPIC AS HELL AS WELL BC DRUMS

btw: in the first phot below, that's josh farro on hayleys left, and zac farro on her right.
they're bros, playin lead guitar and killer drums, respectively.
some shit happened, then they left...but i wasnt a fan then so i wasnt scarred emotionally like everyone else, i just never WITNESSED THE FARRO MAGIC 

1.0 lookin fresh as well w/ their gum of bubble
2.0 lookin fresh
*bursts into tears at taylors eVERYTHING*

And no Paramore post would be complete without talking about Hayley Williams. I would never exclude Taylor York or Jeremy Davis, but I just look up to Hayley more than anything.

First off… fucking fashion. This girl never stops.

i've been trying to recreate this look since this damn
video came out goddammit

she's also wearing yellow converse, i cant
tell you how happy this outfit makes me

Here's me being a weirdo 

what???? i TOTALLY thought of this myself...totally...

*bieber voice* swag


^^I figured I couldn't post every song they've ever played, so there's a wonderful complication of killer live vocals. 


This band makes me cry all the time and I really really hope they make you cry eventually, too. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the voices: trailer

Comic Book Club strikes again! 

My friends and I are making a short film about a troubled boy in an insane asylum for CBC's Fan Film Festival (CBCF3). We haven't started filming the actual movie, but we did make the trailer.
It doesn't make much sense at all, but we promise this will be the best shittiest movie ever. Thanks for watching and without further ado, here you go!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

stolen moments

My school's jazz band was going to play at the Lakeland Jazz Fest tomorrow at Lakeland Community College, but school's cancelled cause its -25 degrees!!! I'm quite crushed (I really wanted to go) so I'm drowning myself in the songs we were going to play. Blues band  was gonna play "Freddie Freeloader", "Work Song", "Back At The Chicken Shack", and "Mr. PC". Our jazz band was going to play "A Riff In Time" by Jack Feierman, "Children Of Sanchez" by Chuck Mangione, "Georgia, On My Mind" by Hoagy Carmichael, and "Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson. Stolen is my favorite our of all of them, so here's the recording (lil different than our arrangement, even better than it)

inspired by the head + the tenor sax solo at 4:13 :)

stolen moments

your lingering eyes caught mine
a fresh pair to rid myself
of the empty shot glasses staring back at me

fancy meeting you here,
with your soul's windows darker than night
your shutters beating steady to the hi-hat

your glittering irises lure me in, 
the soft brush of your skin
crescendos through my whole being

take me beyond time and space 
with you, none are existent
for your captivating trance, has stolen me away

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

don't stay in school

Friday, when I was supposed to be in study hall, I stayed with my science teacher, along with my friend Tamara. We were talking about me and Tamara's group English paper about culture, and this came up. He showed us this video, but before he did, he told us to close his classroom door, because "they" wouldn't like this. It makes perfect sense that he is talking about school administrators, even though it shouldn't at all. It baffles me how many things are overlooked in basic education, and especially how my teacher would have to basically censor this, just in case an assistant principal walked by. Anyways, here's the video and a poster that he showed us after we watch it. Hopefully, it gives you some thoughts.  (✿☯.☯) 

PS. I have this idea to make information about the ideas he talks about available/condensed/in on place? But I have to actually put effort into that, and haaaa that will be a while. But I might work on it sometime soon, because if we can't get it from school, there should be a quick easy way to access info like that. Maybe I'll actually do it. Won't that be something?